Dusty's Friends - Tim Ashelford

Dusty's Friends - Tim Ashelford
Meet Tim Ashelford - Tim is the Editor at the awesome We Are Explorers  Last week he found himself in full self isolation and decided to run a vertical KM in his apartment.  Read on to learn more about that and his love of running!
How did you get into running and what do you love about it? 
I used to run track during school (800 and 1500m) but I had this idea that I was built for those distances and no more. A few years ago someone who I thought was pretty unfit posted about running 5km. 'That's it' I thought, and I set out for a run. It wasted me, but I did it and was stoked. So I set out to run a kilometre further each run until I couldn't add more.
I love the simplicity. It feels so natural to run, no other sport compares. I discovered trail running around the time I was breaking myself running 5k and that changed everything. Suddenly I was immersed in nature, discovering interesting terrain and getting a full body workout. It's awesome.
Coastal Track NSW
What’s your favourite trail to run/hike/explore?  
My local trails around Wollstonecraft in Sydney, they got me into trail running! There's a good mix of technical track and vert, with bubblers on the headland and harbour views all round. We're so lucky that so much of the north shore is public land, you can run to Manly alongside the water!
What made you decide to run a Vertical KM in your house?
I'd seen all of those balcony marathons crew have be doing and thought they looked a bit awful. When my housemate managed to get COVID-19 we locked in to a 14 day quarantine and that 3 storey staircase started to look pretty tempting. My climbing game has always needed work and a kilometre seemed like a good place to start when I was finding that amount of vert in some of my long runs.
How long did it take and how many laps?
It took about 105 minutes to do 125 laps. 375 storeys or ~5500 stairs!
Where is the first place you heading when this breaks?
We finished quarantine today and I went straight to my local trails! Further afield I'm keen to get back to the Blue Mountains and ideally over to Tassie, as soon as we're allowed.
Tim taking on Overland track in Winter last year.
Quote me

'If you can still think of something other than running, you're not running hard enough.'
You can follow Tim on his adventures on Insta @tim_ashelford  also check out all the great stories and tips on We Are Explorers.