Dusty's Friends - Dave "Robbo" Robertson

Dusty's Friends - Dave "Robbo" Robertson
If you run in Australia you have probably heard him pumping up start lines or urging you to surge to the finish. A super keen runner himself, he is currently on a 5km a day streak of immense magnitude.  He is a legend of the scene, takes time for all and is one of the most passionate runners out there.  Meet the man behind the microphone and the running man of Newcastle - Dave "Robbo" Robertson.
How did you get into running and what do you love about it? 
I got into running as a kid, integrated into team-based sports like soccer, but also doing ok at school cross country and school athletics. So it was something I was always pretty close to but it wasn't until after my Uni days that I got into longer road running events, kicking off with a City2Surf in 2004, closely followed by a first Half Marathon. 15 years on and I'm still lining up for those events plus some longer ones (Marathons, 50km), and shorter ones (5km and 10km).

There is so much to love about running. Ultimately I feel that when we run we are obeying a simple truth which pertains to the human body, mind and spirit...it operates best when we move and move often. Running is one of the most purest forms of movement which we harness playfully and without thinking as children, and is there for us to tap into for the rest of our life as well, if we choose.

You are "voice" of start and finish lines across Oz - how did you get into that and what do you love about it? 

The announcing/MC gigs at running and athletics events never seem to feel like work. I think because they are events I would choose to attend and participate in anyway, I'm buzzing anyway and hopefully can take that energy and use it with microphone in hand. A good friend of mine, Silas Moss, and I initially teamed up at the Hunter Track Classic athletics event and this led to announcing opportunities at future events, all unpaid initially. Then we started getting paid for the odd gig, and found we were getting asked to do more and more, and before long it became a fairly regular thing. Its definitely something I still love doing today. I think there's a huge reward in playing a small part in hopefully improving the running experience of others.

Whats your consecutive run day tally at now? whats the deal with that? 

It started around Christmas/New Years 2016. I had a friend who had run at least 5km a day for a year and I thought that's something I could get into. 
I ticked off the year, then decided to go again. I'm now into the 3rd year and just recently brought up the 1000 days! Today as I write this I'm on 1010 days, and I think I'll keep going for a bit yet.

As a Physio and running coach I've super aware of the need to manage your load as a runner and have off days to recover. My 'rest' days involve a very slow jog and I'm careful to listen to my body to ensure I'm managing the loads ok. 

What’s your favourite trail to run/hike/explore?  

As a proud resident of Newcastle, it's hard to go past the hidden gem of our area, Glenrock Conservation Reserve. 

What makes it so good?

Sitting right on the southern coastal edge of the city this is a sanctuary for runners with countless trails and stunning views. If I have a running friend visiting me from out of town this place is top of the list. You can literally run for over 2 hours in there and not run the same trail twice.  

Tell us about Run Better.

Run Better is my business I set up to help runners navigate the path of achieving their best running technique and ultimately transform them into better, less injured runners who have more enjoyment. The goal is always to 'make running easy'.  I hold 1 on 1 and group based sessions with runners of all levels and experience, teaching simple cues they can use to try and avoid some of the common mistakes runners make with their technique.

Quote me

From the book Born to Run, quote from Caballo Blanco:

“Think Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast. You start with easy, because if that’s all you get, that’s not so bad. 

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