Dusty's Friends - Benn Coubrough

Dusty's Friends - Benn Coubrough

Benn Coubrough is an Ultra Trail Runner and coach based in Newcastle who works with Vlad Shatrov at Runlab, He also coaches triathletes and is involved as a Race Director with various running and triathlon events.  He also works with athletes developing their strength and conditioning from the elite to weekend warriors. Hit him up for some cooking tips too as he loves to cook and is pretty handy in the kitchen, having developed a book for eating for a balanced healthy lifestyle. 

Benn on top in Vic Alps

How did you get into running and what do you love about it?  

I first started back in school little athletics and Cross Country, performing quite well making regionals and state, but my passion for 20 years was Football (Soccer) so running was more a way to keep fit, but I loved to run, and I was always the player that did the extra laps and run between training, always the fittest in the team.

I love to just get outside and use the feet for transport, exploring places and be able to take you to placed you can not travel my car, and you get to see so much more and experience it. You cant beat that feeling after a fun, the sense of achievement, the places you were running and the endorphins released into the system.

What’s your favourite trail to run/hike/explore?  

Can I say the Swiss Alps :) Loved my running in the mountains and plan to go back one day for a race. My favourite closer to home and more accessible trail that I love to get out on, would be the Watagans National Park. 

What makes it so good? 

Lots of trails and filled with multiple different routes and loops, plus its always a challenging run with honest long, steep hill, single track options and an open fire-trail, amazing lookouts, you name it.  Being in Newcastle the opportunity to hit the trails is endless, having Glenrock 2k from my house you can get some challenging runs in there also, but its always great to head out a little further to get lost and have you own space and freedom

Quote me

“The only limitations we set are the one’s we set ourselves.” 

My three D’s - Desire - Determination - Discipline (Have those and you are limitless, if you want it bad enough.)

You can learn more about Benn and RunLab here on the website or give him a follow  Instagram @bennycoubs_ultrarunner